A new alternative for intubation VBM Laryngeal Tubes

Laryngeal Tubes are supraglottic airway devices created as alternatives to tracheal intubation or mask ventilation.

They are latex free, and are easy to insert resulting in minimal airway trauma. Both cuffs are inflated from a single source. These airways are designed for positive pressure ventilation
as well as for spontaneously breathing patients, thereby allowing maximum versatility as an airway management tool.

Securing the airway is one of the major aspects for a successful resuscitation. In the current guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) the Laryngeal Tube has been included as an additional device for airway management in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Disposable Laryngeal Tube (LTD)

Consists of a curved tube with ventilation apertures located between two inflatable cuffs. Both cuffs are inflated using a single valve/pilot balloon. The distal cuff is designed to seal while
the proximal cuff is intended to seal the oropharynx. Attached to the proximal end of the tube is a 15mm connector for attachment to a standard breathing circuit or resuscitation bag. Consistently
achieving a ventilatory seal of 30cm H20 or higher. Disposable Laryngeal Tube with Suction Port (LTS-D) similar to the LTD however, the LTS-D features a curved, double-lumen tube with separate paths for ventilation and access to the stomach.

The exclusive anatomically-shaped distal tip and cuff assist in the airway's passage behind the larynx and into the normally collapsed esophagus.

Significantly reduces the potential for regurgitation to pass the cuff, thereby reducing the chance for aspiration.

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