Non-Registrant Clinical Roles

Reference: Ambulance Life

Date Posted: 10 Jun 2021

Salary: From £25,676 per annum

Position Type: Full time

Location: UK


We are currently recruiting to some exciting roles, Assistant Ambulance Practitioners (Band 4) and Trainee Emergency Ambulance Crews (Band 5 Annex 21)!

You will need to demonstrate your ability to work and communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, handle stressful situations, be flexible in your approach and have basic computer skills. In addition you be required to demonstrate in your application and at interview how you meet the Trust values and behaviours.

As an AAP and TEAC you will be required to deliver emergency and urgent care to a wide range of patient groups. Where appropriate you will assess and treat patients at the point of contact or refer them on to another healthcare provider. When necessary you will convey patients to treatment centres, hospitals and emergency departments according to their needs.

Working with very established and experienced team, you will receive hands on experience across the spectrum in the service, protected training and continued professional development through individual learning accounts.

All applicants need to have minimum 1 year driving experience and a current manual driving licence, valid in the UK, with a maximum of three penalty points. Applicants will be required to have at least a C1 provisional at the time of application. A driving licence summary check will be requested from all applicants at pre-screening stage to evidence this entitlement.

Assistant Ambulance Practitioner (Band 4)

Starting salary from: £25,676 per annum inclusive of HCAS

Please note salary will change dependent upon posting location. Upon completion of training, postings will be in: North East, North West and North Central.

AAP Start Date & Training Venue - October 2021 at West London

Trainee Emergency Ambulance Crew (Band5 Annex21)

Starting salary during training from: £25,214 per annum inclusive of HCAS

Starting salary upon completion of training from: £28,691 per annum inclusive of HCAS

Your exact salary will be depended on whether your training location/ambulance station is Inner or Outer London. If you work unsocial Hours, they are in line with AfC Section 2.

TEAC Start Date & Training Venue - September 2021 at East London (Driving Training Venue) and West London (Clinical Training Venue)

Closing date for applications is – Sunday 27th June 2021.

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